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Types Of CCTV Camera

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When choosing a CCTV security system it is essential to select the right CCTV camera for the right location and application.

There are lots of CCTV cameras to choose from on the market today, with many different features and options, resulting in a confusing array of various types, styles, and configurations. But which is best for you ?

Here are the 5 main different types of CCTV cameras you should know about:

Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV Cameras are most commonly used for indoor security and surveillance applications. Dome cameras get their name from the dome-shaped housing in which they sit.

Bullet CCTV Camera

Bullet CCTV Cameras have a long, cylindrical, and tapered shape, similar to that of a "rifle bullet", often used in applications that require long distance viewing. The camera is not typically designed to have pan/tilt/zoom control but instead to capture images from a fixed location, pointing at a particular area. 

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera

These night-vision CCTV cameras have the ability to see images in pitch black conditions using Infrared LEDs and are ideal in outside conditions where lighting is poor to zero

Network/IP CCTV Camera

These cameras, both hardwired and wireless, transmit images over the Internet, often compressing the bandwidth so as not to overwhelm the web. IP cameras are easier to install than analog cameras because they do not require a separate cable run or power boost to send images over a longer distance. 

High-Definition HD CCTV Camera

Ultra high-definition cameras are often relegated to niche markets, such as casinos and banks. These give the operators the ability to zoom in with extreme clarity (to look at a poker player who might have something up their sleeve). 

There's Still More...

Beyond this list, there are many other types of CCTV cameras, but most of those are more related to the application in which the unit will be used vs. the type of camera.
CCTV Medway can provide a range of CCTV cameras, which we select to do the right job in the right location. We offer full service CCTV design, installation and support.

Networking your CCTV system

All our NVR recorders can be remote accessed over the internet using a computer or mobile device such as an iPad, tablet or iPhone . They can also be accessed locally by computers on the same network.

If you fit our PTZ (pan - tilt - zoom) cameras they can be controlled remotely via our NVRs. Remote access also allows you to make settings changes to your CCTV camera system. You can view recorded footage when are away from the location.

CCTV Medway will install the right CCTV camera for your needs (including IP, infrared, low-light, HD, day/night, dome, waterproof).

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